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Spa & Hammam


In the golden triangle of Marrakech, a few minutes from the medina, the Diamant de Zaraba welcomes its guests in an atmosphere of charm and serenity.

In this luxurious setting where the hospitality of Morocco is in the spotlight, The Diamant de Zaraba perpetuates the millenary tradition of oriental care for a true wellness escape in Marrakech. Designed as a sanctuary dedicated to the pleasure of the senses, the Diamant de Zaraba opens on 600m² of tranquility inviting us to relaxation and relaxation. Its zen decoration created by a choice of noble materials and soothing colors is ideal for a refreshing odyssey in Marrakech. With a wide selection of cures, treatments and luxury products, The Diamant de Zaraba is undoubtedly the address of choice to relax.

inside its traditional hammams, the massage sessions make us (re) discover the ancestral rites of Morocco in a unique olfactive atmosphere composed from bewitching scents. Fitness programs are also offered to guests with the collaboration of a professional coach mastering innovative and personalized learning methods. The gym and aerobics room is the place of choice for all those who wish to regain control of their body with Power Plate equipment.

To complete a wellness rich card, a sauna, a jacuzzi and a beauty salon confirm Zaraba Diamond Spa a major destination in Marrakech to afford a trip of relaxing sense. In keeping with the emotional philosophy of the body and mind, the Spa Zaraba Diamond in Marrakech working with the global specialist ESPA to offer exceptional care, recognized worldwide through a broad network Spa Deluxe. Also highlighting Moroccan traditions in natural products, Diamant de Zaraba has chosen the 100% organic Nectarome brand for its cosmetic products used in care. We find all the benefits of natural cosmetics, made from local products from the bio-aromatic garden Nectarome: the promise of a unique sensory escape in Marrakech.